was established to provide alternatives to the ever growing  ocean plastic pollution in order to stop the harm to many species of wildlife and a marine life throughout the globe.

Plastic straws contribute to that pollution and destruction, but YOU can be part of the solution by simply refusing to accept plastic straws whenever and wherever they are served. showcases many options and is priced for everyone to afford.  
In the USA alone 35 million plastic straws are used every day, which is enough to circle the earth 2.5 times a day.  It takes up to 200 years for straws to decompose as they are more often not recycled in most places. 
In July of 2019 Seattle will become the largest city to impose a ban on straws.  Great Britain’sTheresa May has banned the sale of plastic straws in Great Britain.  All McDonalds and Marriotts in England will implement a ban by 2023 for all plastic straws.  New York City, California and Hawaii have pending straw ban legislation.  Monmouth Beach, NJ, as well as Miami Beach, Fort Myers, Clearwater FL are restricting the use of plastic straws on their beaches.

The following entities are working to comply with the substitution of plastic straws:
Starbucks                             Bon Apetit (1000 stores)
American Airlines               Art Institute of Chicago
Hyatt Hotels                        Vassar College
Royal Caribbean                 University of Portland
Sea World                            Getty Museum
Hilton Hotels                       Atlantic Park, San Francisco
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